Blind Grilling | About
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Blind Grillin’

Blind Grilling was founded by Chris Peltz as a way to give back to those he admired; Military Personnel and 1st Responders who served their country and communities.


It began as a project to spend time with his children cooking and making memories on video, but turned into a mission to help others. Chris, along with his 3 children- Jake, Sarah and Hannah-spent time preparing their favorite meals while filming to preserve their time together.


After uploading a few videos to FaceBook and YouTube, Chris began receiving messages and phone calls with encouragement and appreciation for what he was doing. Several blind and visually impaired individuals contacted him to thank him for his videos and the motivation to pursue their dreams. After a local police officer was shot and seriously wounded, Chris decided to take this fun project to a new level and Blind Grilling, Inc., was formed as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization to encourage and help others to do the things they love in spite of their lack of vision.

About Chris Peltz:


Chris grew up on a farm in the Ozarks of Missouri. When he was 10 years old he began noticing a problem with his vision. After extensive tests and countless doctors, he was diagnosed with RP. Retinitus Pigmentosis is a degenerative eye disease that causes the peripheral vision to diminish causing night blindness; often leaving individuals with tunnel vision and sometimes total loss of sight. Within the first 6 years, Chris lost 80% of his vision. By age 30, his left eye was totally blind and his right eye diminished to only minimal light perception.


With the help of family and friends he has continued to pursue his passions of hunting and barbecue. Not only is he an accomplished outdoorsman – harvesting Elk, Antelope, and Mule Deer in the Colorado Rockies – he also harvests turkey and whitetail deer in Tennessee and Missouri. As any hunter will tell you, one of the best things about your harvest is preparing it on the grill to enjoy with family and friends.


About Kevin Ward:


Kevin is another one of our founders. He is the owner of Four41 South Bbq rubs and catering out of Canton, GA. Five years ago Kevin was diagnosed with Retinal Distrophy and has suffered gradual vision loss. Interestingly enough, Kevin didn’t pursue his passion for barbecue as a career until after his diagnosis. In a very short period of time, he has become a respected pit master and his rubs are being sold all across this country.


Both Chris and Kevin have the support of their wives and children. Blind Grilling understands that blindness doesn’t just effect the who is losing their sight, but their families as well.