Blind Grilling | Mission
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Blind Grillin’

The mission of Blind Grilling, Inc., is to provide encouragement, training and tools to the blind and visually impaired individuals; to become independent in the kitchen and on the backyard grill. Our focus is on, but not limited to, wounded veterans and first responders who have suffered vision loss through injury or disease. Training includes food handling, preparation and safety, knife skills, grilling and cooking techniques as well as the use of grills, smokers and other appliances. We also want to provide adaptive equipment to help these individuals become self sufficient while preparing meals for family and friends.

Ceramic grills are versatile and efficient grills, smokers and ovens.  Whether you are a backyard griller of hotdogs, brats, burgers and/or steaks, the Big Green Egg gets it done.  If you want Texas style brisket, St. Louis style ribs, Memphis style pulled pork or BBQ chicken just adjust the heat to a low and slow 220-275 degrees and you have the perfect smoker.


Looking for an outdoor pizza oven? Open the vents and bring your BGE to 600-700 degrees and enjoy amazing brick-oven pizzas at home.  From breads to casseroles, if you can cook it inside, you can cook it in a ceramic grill.

Ceramic grills, like the Big Green Egg, are the perfect grill for the blind and visually impaired. 


Why kamado grills?  I began losing my sight when I was 10 years old due to a hereditary eye disease known as RP.  During this process of adjustments and frustrations, I refused to give up my passion of grilling and cooking.  My brother and his family traveled to visit my family and me for a week in 2004, and I was going to prepare a steak dinner.  My brother watched as I felt my way around, preparing the Charbroil barrel smoker/grill.  As the coals heated up, so did the metal grill.  As familiar with my setup as I was, occasionally I would miss the handle and touch the grill burning my fingers.  I learned to be quick, but never cooked unscathed. 


Finally, my brother broke his own “don’t touch another man’s grill” rule and offered his help.  He found it difficult to watch me find my way around and constantly touching the extremely hot metal surface.  A few months later, my brother made the 3 hour drive back to my house with a custom built table he made to fit the new large Big Green Egg kamado cooker.  We walked through all the parts as I familiarized myself with the new grill and table area.  I went inside for just a moment and when I returned he told me to feel around the table and grill one more time to know where everything was located.  I was ready to light the grill after feeling for the handle and touching the outside of the grill several times.  Then Joe informed me that he had already lit the coals and we were up to 350 degrees.  I was amazed how I could touch and even place my hand on the surface of the grill without burning myself. 


Since that time I have heard so many people talk about how life changing a ceramic grill has been for them and their cooking experience.  But in the back of my mind, I’m thinking it doesn’t compare to the way it has changed my life.  Apart from turning out amazing food, I now do it without injury.